Please find references to our work described in the press below:


Multi-camera array microscopy (2023):

Imaging Behavior with a Camera Array - Nature Methods

High-speed gigapixel microscope images, records in high-res 3D - Laser Focus World

Gigapixel Microscope Captures Tiny Motions in 3D - Optics and Photonics News

Gigapixel 3D microscope captures life in unprecedented detail -

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Gigapixel 3D Microscope Captures Life in Unprecedented Detail - Duke News


Parallelized diffuse correlation spectroscopy:

Harnessing light to measure brain function - Duke Health


Learned Sensing for microwave-based detection (Jan. 2020):

Machine Learning Shapes Microwave for a Computer's Eyes - Technology Networks

Machine learning shapes microwaves for a computer's eyes - Science Daily


Learned Sensing for Microscopy (Nov. 2019):

Engineers Develop Microscope That Can Teach Itself How to Diagnose Disease -

Smart Microscope Learns to Diagnose Infectious Diseases -

Microscope Teaches Itself the Best Lighting to Improve Diagnosis -

Machine-Learning Microscope Speeds Malaria Diagnosis - Optics and Photonics News

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